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Back to School with Mote: Audio Research

Traditional Research Experience Guiding students through the process of conducting high quality research is a core aspect of many classrooms. Increasingly, web based content has become the most likely domain where students will find and evaluate research materials. As a former high school history teacher, one of the challenges I faced while guiding students through a research experience was making their research process transparent. When they found a new piece of web based information I would have them log notes on a document about the information, website or article in an effort to have them demonstrate their evaluation of the […]

5 Back to School Student Projects with Mote

Mote is a powerful feedback tool for educators that allows students to receive in depth, personal, and contextual feedback from the instructor on their work. Mote is also a powerful creation tool, that when in the hands of students, it can be used to create powerful demonstrations of learning through the medium of audio. As school is heading back into session for many educators and students, the Mote education team wanted to share 5 creative back to school projects that can be used across any grade level and content area. From micr0-podcasting, to non-linear storytelling, there is are multiple outlets […]

5 More Back to School Skills with Mote!

After our first back to school skills with Mote post, we realized that another 5 back to school skills were in order as the potential for using Mote for the coming school simply can’t be confined to only 5 approaches! Whether it is increasing efficiency by reusing audio comments with the Motebook, or increasing accessibility to Google Forms with audio, this second round of back to school skills only expands the classroom potential for Mote! Motebook The Motebook allows educators to record and reuse audio again and again! If there are feedback ideas, suggestions, or instructional comments that you find […]

5 Back to School Skills with Mote

With educators and students heading back into session, the Mote Education team has compiled 5 back to school skills that educators can use to create dynamic learning experiences and provide effective feedback. From the new Mote iOS app, to web back sticky Motes, and Google Classroom, there is a Mote skill and approach in this top 5 list for everyone! Which new skill will you integrate into your classroom practice? Skill 1: Sticky Mote An essential Mote skill for any educators that used web based instructional content. Sticky Motes allow educators to create audio recordings that are layered on anything […]