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Station Rotations with Mote

Station Rotation is a Blended Learning classroom strategy that allows educators to work with small groups of students, provide student specific feedback, and create connections with students in smaller groups in the process. There are numerous approaches to facilitating station rotations and often technology is integrated into one or more stations, allowing students to work at their own pace which allows the teacher to focus their attention on facilitating a station or to float and facilitate the entire process.

Google Slides is a helpful tool to build digital station rotation experiences as it creates a modular experience where students can enter into one slide deck and progress from station to station within that singular digital space. A significant benefit of integrating technology, Google Slides and Mote into the station rotation experience is that Mote audio allows educators to duplicate themselves in the station experience. While a small group of students are working in a station without the teacher present, they can now have the benefit of hearing pre-recorded teacher audio to guide them through the experience.

Watch the video walk-through below to learn more about facilitating a station rotation experience with Mote in Google Slides.

Get started designing station rotation experiences in your classroom with Mote & Google Slides by copying the Mote station rotation template below!