Create custom speaker icons with Mote + Slides

Mote + Slides = great fun! When you create a Mote audio note in Google Slides, you will generate a purple speaker icon. Did you know that you can change that icon to nearly any .jpeg, .png, or even .gif file? (LINK TO GIF VIDEO)A fun way to replace the purple speaker icon is with a custom icon that you create yourself!


  1. Record a Mote in Google Slides
  2. Open up a new slide deck: or
    1. optional – Resize: File → Page Setup → Custom → 5” x 5” → Apply
    2. optional – Background: Color → Transparent
    3. Insert images, shapes, word art, etc. to personalize your icon
    4. When you are finished, File → Download → PNG Image
  3. Return back to the Slides where you created your Mote
  4. Right click (two finger click on a Chromebook) → Replace Image → Upload from Computer
  5. Resize and Share

Anyone will be able to click and listen to your Mote audio note!
Mote icon slides: