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QR Code Offline (Paper) Readings

Mote is an ideal tool to increase accessibility to all classroom content with audio. Reading material in particular can be quickly supplemented with audio to provide an introduction, overview, context or even a read along for students as they explore the text.

The process of reading is often one that learners prefer to engage with an an offline environment. Reading a text passage on paper allows the learner to quickly mark up the content and engage with the text in a capacity that may not be possible in a digital space. Highlighting, circling and even drawings in the margin allow the learner to truly engage with the text.

But, how can we make this text more accessible to provide the level of support to help all learners navigate this space? Mote with QR Codes!

In 1:1 classrooms, whether students have mobile devices (iPad) or a Chromebook, both devices allow students to scan QR Codes. Consider the scenario where a learner has a reading (short story, DBQ, poem, primary source document, problem set) that they are going to read in an offline (paper) environment. Before printing off the original document, educators can create QR Codes with Mote that point directly to custom created audio to help guide the learner through the experience.

Watch the pop-up PD episode below as the Mote Education team explores this idea!

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Desktop Audio Reminder

with QR Codes & Google Slides

What better way to support students with Mote than to create a reusable daily agenda with embedded audio! Technology provides classroom teachers with the ability to duplicate themselves through pre-recorded audio. Further, students can access that audio on demand.

Consider a classroom scenario where a small group of students are ready to progress to an exit ticket, or journaling activity, but the teacher is still working with a group of students that are in need of direct guidance to work through another task. With Mote, educators can pre-record the directions for a series of tasks, activities and challenges that students will engage with throughout the day and embed those audio instructions into a set of Google Slides.

The true value of this approach is that the Google Slides with the embedded audio can be used over and over again and students can access the slides via a QR Code that is taped to their desk or binder.

Explore the Mote Pop-up PD episode below to learn more about this technique!

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Mote QR Codes: 5 Classroom Ideas

With the recent update to Mote that allows educators to create QR Codes directly from the Chrome extension, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for the use of audio in the classroom.

Before we get started with the application of Mote QR Codes in a classroom setting, explore the quick video below to learn how to create & scan Mote QR Codes in the video below!

Idea 1: Audio Documents

With Mote, educators can supplement any paper document with a QR Code. Imagine a primary source document that includes a brief introduction to build context for the reader. Or, a new project that includes the directions being explained for learners via audio. Lastly, consider how learning accommodation plans can be met with Mote QR Codes. Questions can be read and recorded to increase accessibility for all learners.

Idea 2: QR Codes with Chromebooks

With Chromebooks being the primary device for a significant percentage of classroom environments, many are simply unaware that QR Codes can be scanned with the built in Chrome OS camera. Simply hold a Mote QR code in front of the Chrome OS camera on a Chromebook and tape the small scan icon in the top right corner. The link will instantly appear for learners to hear the audio embedded in the code. There are many instances where having students work offline is a better suited for the task provided, and the Chromebook and Mote QR codes can supplement the offline learning experience.

Idea 3: Station Rotations

Stations are a staple strategy in the classroom. With Mote QR codes, educators can quickly create audio directions, overview or explanations that can exist in each station as a scannable QR code. Consider this the ability to duplicate oneself during the station experience to provide a connection to every station via audio.

Idea 4: Book Talks

Student created QR codes with Mote that live in books, on the cover or the spine are a great way to have students share their perspective and understanding of the text in a shareable way for the next reader. To extend the project further, consider how students could supplement the entire text with a QR code version of the book, where QR codes are present throughout the text as chapter introductions or summaries.

Idea 5: Artist Statement

It is common for students to display their art publicly in a school setting. What is uncommon is for the viewer to know and understand the intention, purpose and thinking behind the art from the perspective of the artist. Imagine how Mote QR codes, when added to a piece of student art on public display in a school can transform the experience of the viewer.

Mote QR Code Pop-Up PD

To see a live demonstration of many of the ideas above, check out the archive of a Mote Pop-Up PD that explored all things QR codes!

There is endless potential of Mote QR codes…how are you using this new feature in your school or classroom?

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Mote Math: Audio Notebooks

Capturing student thinking in the math classroom can be a challenging proposition. Teachers may not have the time or ability to connect face to face with every student to hear their thinking and get insight into their problem solving process. When we combine Mote with the math classroom, educators and students have the ability to bring their thinking to life through audio. Explore two process below that allow students to work either in a completely digital space or blend offline work with a digital space to capture and share their thinking with audio.

Mote Math in Jamboard

Jamboard is a fantastic tool for students to use on Chromebooks as a digital space to work through a math problem. When we layer Jamboard with Sticky Mote, students can add a layer of audio on top of the Jamboard to capture their thinking, explain their process, and clearly demonstrate their understanding of a mathematical process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Sticky Mote with Jamboard in the math classroom.

Mote Math in Google Slides

Some students and educators may prefer that students work through a math problem in an offline setting. Dry erase boards or even a piece of paper may be a better experience for many learners. Working in an offline environment doesn’t prohibit students from adding a layer of audio to capture their thinking and explain their process once they are done working through the problem.

By using Google Slides, students can open up a new slide deck, or open an ongoing math journal where they can snap a photo of their offline work using the front facing camera on their Chromebook. With the offline image now in a digital setting, students can use Mote in Google Slides to add an audio explanation of their thinking and process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Google Slides to create audio math journals with offline evidence of student work.

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Virtual Audio Tours

With the help of just a handful of free and easily accessible web tools, educators can bring students across the globe with custom virtual audio tours. By using the Sticky Mote feature which allows educators to layer custom audio notes on any web page, students can explore a curated journey where the teacher guides their exploration via Sticky Mote audio. Embrace curiosity and exploration in your classroom and guide students with the perfect amount of necessary audio support along the way!

Virtual Audio Tours Video Walk-Through

Virtual Audio Tours Slide Deck

We can’t wait to hear about what types of Virtual Audio Tours are created with Sticky Motes! Connect with us on social and share your creations with Mote on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!