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This is a guest post from Mote Ambassador, Brittany Horn! Brittany works at Northwest ISD as an Instructional Technologist. You can connect with her on Twitter here!


Mote helps students provide concise, yet personal feedback for their peers!

Learning to give feedback is a skill. Mote allows students to voice in feedback for their peers in a way that is concise, constructive, and personal.


Take a look at this how-to video!


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Mote QR codes for audio feedback in Google Slides


Your students love hearing your voice – they’ve even told you that it helps them engage more deeply in their learning! Your dilemma is that they’re turning in physical work for you to have a look at and you still want to provide them meaningful Mote powered audio feedback…


With a simple template built in Google Slides, you can achieve the above. In no time, your students will be able to listen and act upon your verbal feedback.

Take a look at this short video to see how:


Access the following templates below to make your own copy

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Wellbeing check-ins with Google Forms


It can be challenging to make time for regular check-ins and for teachers to spot whether one of their students needs to talk something through or share something to celebrate.

Opening up a Google Form, with the addition of voice, breaks down some of these barriers and has become a real win for many educators and learners the world over.


Join me to see how we can quickly add voice notes to a Google Form designed to deepen connection with my students.


Use the form made above as a template to develop your own!

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QR Code Offline (Paper) Readings

Mote is an ideal tool to increase accessibility to all classroom content with audio. Reading material in particular can be quickly supplemented with audio to provide an introduction, overview, context or even a read along for students as they explore the text.

The process of reading is often one that learners prefer to engage with an an offline environment. Reading a text passage on paper allows the learner to quickly mark up the content and engage with the text in a capacity that may not be possible in a digital space. Highlighting, circling and even drawings in the margin allow the learner to truly engage with the text.

But, how can we make this text more accessible to provide the level of support to help all learners navigate this space? Mote with QR Codes!

In 1:1 classrooms, whether students have mobile devices (iPad) or a Chromebook, both devices allow students to scan QR Codes. Consider the scenario where a learner has a reading (short story, DBQ, poem, primary source document, problem set) that they are going to read in an offline (paper) environment. Before printing off the original document, educators can create QR Codes with Mote that point directly to custom created audio to help guide the learner through the experience.

Watch the pop-up PD episode below as the Mote Education team explores this idea!

Education Middle School Motepad QR Codes Slides

Desktop Audio Reminder

with QR Codes & Google Slides

What better way to support students with Mote than to create a reusable daily agenda with embedded audio! Technology provides classroom teachers with the ability to duplicate themselves through pre-recorded audio. Further, students can access that audio on demand.

Consider a classroom scenario where a small group of students are ready to progress to an exit ticket, or journaling activity, but the teacher is still working with a group of students that are in need of direct guidance to work through another task. With Mote, educators can pre-record the directions for a series of tasks, activities and challenges that students will engage with throughout the day and embed those audio instructions into a set of Google Slides.

The true value of this approach is that the Google Slides with the embedded audio can be used over and over again and students can access the slides via a QR Code that is taped to their desk or binder.

Explore the Mote Pop-up PD episode below to learn more about this technique!

Elementary Middle School QR Codes

Audio Progress Reports with Mote QR Codes

QR Codes are a quick and easy way to communicate with parents and guardians via audio. Throughout the school year there are instances where progress reports or updates are sent home with the learner, and what better way to supplement a traditional paper progress report than with a Mote QR code that unlocks an audio note by the teacher. With the ability to share audio in a Mote QR code, educators can enhance communication, create connections, and build community with their families outside of the school environment.

The Mote education team recently explored this process in an episode of Pop-up PD! Watch the segment below to that walks through the entire process of creating QR codes with the Mote Chrome extension and begin creating with our Audio Progress Report template below!

Audio Progress Report Template

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Personalize certificates with Mote + Slides

When the world shut down due to Covid-19, one of the many challenges leaders were faced with was to try to keep the tradition of celebrations, like end of the year awards ceremonies and graduation, as special as they have always been – but more “digital” to keep everyone in the community socially distanced and safe. Creating digital award certificates in Google Slides is a good way to recognize someone for their accomplishments, however, digital certificates tend to lack the “special feel” and personalization that a traditional certificate gives to the award recipient. 

How might we personalize digital award certificates? WITH MOTE!

You CAN personalize digital certificates by adding an audio note using Mote! Whomever is being honored – a kindergartener, a graduate, a member of the national honor society, captain of the basketball team, a retiree, etc. – now has a personalized, digital, commemorative keepsake to listen to and cherish forever! A certificate along with the meaningful words spoken about the recipient with Mote can be celebrated with loved ones and can even be shared on a digital portfolio. 


  1. Create a certificate in Google Slides & share it so anyone with the link can view it
    1. optional – Resize: File → Page Setup → Custom → 11” x 8.5” → Apply
    2. You can find a “template” in
  2. Record a Mote on the Slide
  3. optional – Replace your purple speaker icon with a personalized image (school crest, logo, personalized icon)
    1. Right click (two finger click on a Chromebook) → Replace Image → Upload from Computer
    2. (Link to Icon Video)
  4. Publish the slide to the web: File → Publish to the Web → Click yellow Publish button → Do you want to publish this selection? Click “OK” → Share the Published Link with recipient
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Mote Math: Audio Notebooks

Capturing student thinking in the math classroom can be a challenging proposition. Teachers may not have the time or ability to connect face to face with every student to hear their thinking and get insight into their problem solving process. When we combine Mote with the math classroom, educators and students have the ability to bring their thinking to life through audio. Explore two process below that allow students to work either in a completely digital space or blend offline work with a digital space to capture and share their thinking with audio.

Mote Math in Jamboard

Jamboard is a fantastic tool for students to use on Chromebooks as a digital space to work through a math problem. When we layer Jamboard with Sticky Mote, students can add a layer of audio on top of the Jamboard to capture their thinking, explain their process, and clearly demonstrate their understanding of a mathematical process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Sticky Mote with Jamboard in the math classroom.

Mote Math in Google Slides

Some students and educators may prefer that students work through a math problem in an offline setting. Dry erase boards or even a piece of paper may be a better experience for many learners. Working in an offline environment doesn’t prohibit students from adding a layer of audio to capture their thinking and explain their process once they are done working through the problem.

By using Google Slides, students can open up a new slide deck, or open an ongoing math journal where they can snap a photo of their offline work using the front facing camera on their Chromebook. With the offline image now in a digital setting, students can use Mote in Google Slides to add an audio explanation of their thinking and process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Google Slides to create audio math journals with offline evidence of student work.

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Student Goal Journal

Reflecting & Goal Setting

Support students to set achievable goals and learning objectives for the term ahead. Each week during the term students can reflect on the progress they have made and monitor their growth. Using Mote, students can quickly add their reflection and teachers can give each student feedback on their progress with their own voice response. 

Enjoy – we’d love to see what you come up with – please share to socials and be sure to tag us!

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About Me Passport

Back to School Student Passport

Get to know your students’ interests and passions. Having students share a bit about themselves helps you as the teacher get to know each individual student within your class. This task can be completed during orientation days prior to the school year or when school first returns. Students can include photos and record audio to share their hobbies, interests, favorite subjects, and goals for the year ahead. 

We’d love to see what you come up with – please share to socials and be sure to tag us!