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Tri-County Regional Centre for Education & Mote


Tri-County Regional Centre for Education is a public region district located in the Tri-counties – Yarmouth, Digby and Shelburne – Nova Scotia. TCRCE has approximately 6,000 students spread across 22 different schools. One of TCRCE’s primary goals is to ensure an accessible and equitable learning environment for all of their students. As their mission statement reads, “We believe that students’ well-being will be enhanced and their academic achievement will improve when educators grow and improve in meeting the individual needs of learners.”


Vera Ryan and Tracey Pothier, two of the region’s French Language Program educators, are always in search of new ways to help support students in their Core French and French Immersion programs. Vera first became aware of Mote in a graduate school class and came away impressed with its simplicity. As she explains, sometimes with other tech tools, there is a steep learning curve that makes implementation difficult, especially for students. With Mote on the other hand, the tool was easy – “the button is just right there.”

Beyond the simplicity of the tool, Mote also solved a real problem for the region. Pedagogically, Core French and French Immersion staff want students to speak French as much as possible. Yet, the way Core French courses are structured, students have core French every other day for just an hour. Due to these time constraints, it was a challenge to give students as much opportunity to speak as the staff would have liked. This is where Mote stepped in.


With Mote, staff suddenly had an easy way to increase student opportunities for speaking. Using Mote for Forms and Slides, for example, staff had students engage in higher-level exercises where they needed to both ask and answer questions in French. Vera notes that this audio element adds a new dimension to learning. Assessments and assignments no longer need to be written; instead, teachers now have an easy way to evaluate their students’ pronunciation, grammar, and fluency.

Beyond adding a new dimension to assessments and assignments, Mote also opened opportunities for Flipped Learning and scaffolding. Using Mote for Slides, staff created introductions and speaking models for students to study at home. Student engagement with these materials prepared them for class the next day, where they would then further develop their French speaking skills. Moreover, with Mote for Slides, the Core French teachers were able to make audio anchors that students could access for easy reference. 

This audio-focused instruction has been taken up strongly by both staff and students. In fact, since TCRCE began its Mote subscription, the region has created, on average, over two thousand motes a month.


For TCRCE, Mote has been an easy and exciting way to bolster French Second Language learning. With the product, students have had significantly more opportunities to speak and listen to authentic French communication. And for staff, Mote has allowed them to more easily differentiate and scaffold language learning. In this way, Mote helps the region achieve one of its key goals – helping meet the educational needs of all learners.

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Voice notes in emails!


Even the shortest email can take a long time – worrying about everything from greeting to sign off and all that’s in between! AND, even when you think you’ve got it right… you still have concerns over the tone. Simply put – written copy, however good, just cannot convey the same sense of person as voice!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool out there allowing users to add audio to their Gmail messages?! Good news for you: there is and it’s called Mote!!


Install the Mote Chrome extension by visiting this link on the Chrome Web Store.

Open up Gmail and start to compose a new message; you will see the Mote icon next to the send button. Once recorded, all that you need to do is send! Take look at this video below for a quick run through:


Anyone that receives an email message containing a mote, will see the clickable card.

  • Those that have Mote installed will be able to listen to the voice note, without leaving the message.
  • Anyone accessing without Mote, will be taken to the landing page for the voice note where they can hear and read any voice to text transcription.
Languages Slides

En el restaurante

Ordering in Spanish!

Thanks to Cristina Panadero for this awesome contribution to The Hub!

A listening activity to practice how to order food and drinks at a Spanish restaurant. Instructions on each slide. On the third slide, students are asked to leave their mote with the choice of dessert. This task can be set as an assignment on Classroom as a revision activity

Enjoy – we’d love to see what you come up with – please share to socials and be sure to tag us!

Languages Slides

Warm up Activities – French

Super fun warm up to start a fab French lesson!

Thanks to Glenn Cake for this awesome contribution to The Hub!

In this Google Slide activity, teachers can provide the class with a question prompt.  Students listen to the question and then answer using text and MOTE audio

Enjoy – we’d love to see what you come up with – please share to socials and be sure to tag us!

Languages Slides

Listening and Speaking Activity – French

Quick tasks for the French classroom!

Thanks to Glenn Cake for this awesome contribution to The Hub!

In this short activity, students work thru a variety of activities….
a) Listen to the mote answers and place the icon next to the appropriate question
b) Complete the question
c) Answer each question using mote

Enjoy – we’d love to see what you come up with – please share to socials and be sure to tag us!

Languages Slides

Language Games!

Thanks to Farah Joukhadar for this fabulous contribution to The Hub!

Two games to engage students in listening & speaking skills. Students will be able to edit the slide deck to work individually in the first activity and in group in the second activity. Both games are fun and engaging. Prior to these activities, students learn the vocabulary and how it is pronounced. Instructions are provided in first slide! Enjoy.

Language games slide deck

We can’t wait to hear how you get on! Connect with us on social and share your creations with Mote on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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Class Discussion with Mote

Increasing Accessibility with Audio

Classroom discussions are a staple of the student experience across grade levels and content areas in classrooms across the world. Yet, for many students classroom discussions can pose a significant challenge. Whether students need time to process the ideas being shared or they find it challenging to participate in a face to face environment, Mote can be used to make discussions accessible to all students. With Mote in Google Slides, educators can create a digital space where students can participate in class discussion via asynchronous audio, beyond the confines of the physical classroom. Whether this strategy is used as the primary method of facilitating discussion, or as an extension of the face to face experience, Mote and Google Slides can remove barriers to student participation in class discussion! Added bonus…the entire discussion is archived. Both the teacher and students can return to the discussion to revisit ideas shared with Mote.

Check out the entire video walk-through below to learn how to transform Google Slides into an audio discussion environment.

To help you get started with Mote audio discussions, the discussion template slide deck is embedded below and you can make a copy of each discussion template.