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Audio HyperDocs

Embedding Mote Audio into multi-day digital workspaces

Creating digital workspaces where students can navigate the content confidently and independently is a challenging task. By using the HyperDocs approach, educators can create one unified workspace that students can engage with and explore over multiple days. This approach is exceptionally beneficial as it minimizes the number of digital locations students must manage when explore a concept. With Mote, audio HyperDocs allow educators to create dynamic digital workspaces where teacher audio can be added quickly to include thorough discussion, guidance, feedback or insight into the ideas being explore in the HyperDoc.

To learn more about the process of creating Audio HyperDocs, watch the entire vide0 walk-through below that explore the setup process, strategies and methods of integrating Mote audio into the HyperDoc creation process.

Explore and copy the Mote Audio HyperDoc template provided in the video walk-through above with the presentation deck and template below.