Mote’s prices are increasing

We’re increasing prices for new customers, with a phased introduction of higher prices for existing customers over the next 12 months.

We’re a small company, working hard to deliver our mission of improving feedback and asynchronous communication, on a path to a sustainable business.

Since launching in 2020, we have continued to invest in developing our product and in improving the service we provide.

Every month, we release new features, host events and publish content designed to help Mote’s community. And we’re really excited about the new features that we’re currently rolling out – including Loops for feedback and improved support for recipient translation across our product.

To ensure that we can continue to support investments and sustain our business in the face of growing costs, we are increasing our prices for individual subscriptions, for groups and for whole schools and districts.

For existing individual subscribers, there will be no change in subscription price until August 2023. For existing school and multi-seat customers, there will be no change until renewals beginning in January 2023.

While many educators have access to funds to enable them to purchase a valuable tool like Mote, we know that there are unfortunately many educators who work within schools and districts that do not provide these funds. That’s why we continue to support multiple programs that provide free trial extensions or permanent free upgrades. Here’s a reminder of all the ways that you can extend or maintain a free Unlimited subscription:

How to extend your Mote Free Trial

Refer a friend: 30 days for every friend referred, up to a maximum of 10 referrals, almost 1 year. Find your referral code here.

Become a Mote Certified Educator: 30 days. Learn more

Complete all Mote Achievements: 30 days. Learn more

Receive a Free Mote Unlimited Subscription

Become a Mote Ambassador – are you passionate about voice, feedback and making a difference? Learn more

Become a Google Trainer. Learn more

Are you Faculty or a Student at an Initial Teacher Training College? Apply for a Free Mote Subscription! Learn more

By Will Jackson

CEO and Co-founder at Mote

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