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Reading with Mote

Reading to my 2 year old daughter is one of my favourite things to do. In this short post, find out how I used Mote to create this awesome experience for my daughter!

With the busyness of life, I am often preoccupied with preparing dinner or one of the many other life chores, when I find my daughter turning the pages of her books, pretending to read on her own. She loves looking at the pictures and calling out the characters, animals, and colours she sees. 

I thought there needed to be a way that my daughter could continue to read by herself and listen to the story being read to her. With the use of Mote, I came up with an idea to record myself reading her favourite stories. I first recorded two of her favourite books;

  • I Went Walking by Sue Williams
  • Noni the Pony by Allison Lester 

Both these picture story books are quite short, so Mote works perfectly as I could record each story within the one Mote recording. To highlight the turn of the page, I rang some bells to let my daughter know when to turn the page while reading along.

The recordings were then downloaded as a QR Code, printed and added to the front of each book. Now when my daughter wants to read on her own, we are able to scan the QR Code using an old phone and she can listen to the Mote recording and read along on her own. 

As this was a great success I will continue to use Mote to record some of her other favourite picture story books. 

This idea can be used in the classroom to engage your students. They can listen to the Mote recording of their teacher to reinforce text and articulation within the story. You could also have students recording themselves and have them share their favourite stories with their classmates. 

With longer stories, I suggest making several Mote recordings and having several QR Codes printed throughout the pages of the book as required. 

There are so many ways you can use this idea in the classroom. 

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