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Add audio to your presentations

Whether it’s Google Slides, Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint – presentation tools are not just for live presenting!

Given all that we’ve been through in these past couple of years and a shift toward wider appreciation of the power of asynchronous learning, it becomes all the more important to expand our usage of these awesomely powerful tools!

One way to do this is to add voice to our slide decks. This is how to do it in each of Slides, Keynote and PowerPoint

Google Slides

Google launched the ability to add audio to slide decks in 2019. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Use a third party voice recorder to create an audio file > download this file > upload to Google Drive > Insert – Audio in your slide deck.
  2. Use Mote to do all of this for you and reduce the process to a couple of clicks!


Apple offers a version of Keynote both as a standalone app (both MacOS and iOS) and a web based application. Currently, only the standalone app supports insertion of audio files.


With PowerPoint, it’s possible to add audio through both web based and standalone applications!

  1. In the web-based version, tapping ‘Audio’ allows you to upload any audio file already saved to your device.
  2. In the standalone application, users can add voice notes and more to their presentations by clicking on audio and choosing to either upload audio from their computer (‘audio on my PC’) or to record sound directly onto the deck.

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