Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Student Accessibility

Every learner is unique and the challenge of being able to check understanding for all of your students can be amplified for an already overstretched teacher trying to accommodate the needs of all the class and learner variability. With lots of excellent digital tools out there, help is at hand.

Navigating the landscape and finding the right technology can be tricky. Below is a list of 5 Chrome Extensions that I’m using and know have had great success in classrooms across the world.

Helperbird provides personalized support to make web pages, PDFs and documents more accessible. It’s designed to help everyone in a way that suits unique abilities. Providing from targeted features for dyslexia to lifelike text to speech, it allows easy customization for different needs.

JustRead is a Chrome extension that provides a super clean reader view in Chrome. It does this brilliantly by removing distractions like ads, popups and comments from the screen.
The JustRead extension can be customized to suit your needs by adding or removing features.

At Mote, we’re proud to be able offer voice powered solutions for accessibility:
– Ease with which voice can be heard and understood.
– Instant voice to text transcription and translation into 30 languages (number rising all the time)
– Seamless integration throughout Google Workspace

SwiftRead is promoted as allowing its users to ‘Read two or three times faster, with SwiftRead. Absorb knowledge and learn faster.’

More than this, it allows for another way in which distractions can be removed by focusing only on one word at a time.

Texthelp’s Read&Write provides personalized support to make documents, web pages and common file types in Google Drive (including: Google Docs, PDF & ePub) more accessible. It’s designed to help everyone engage with digital content in a way that suits their own abilities and learning styles.

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