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5 ways to use Mote in the High School Classroom


Hypermotes are a new feature in Google Docs which allow you to create a clickable Hypermote within your document. 

Some ways you can use this feature in the secondary classroom include recording your voice on new words to help students with pronunciation or a definition. This supports all learners in your class by expanding student vocabulary. 


StickyMote allows teachers to leave voice instructions on any website. This is an amazing tool to use to introduce tasks for both in the classroom and home learning. While exploring the chosen website, students can listen to the embed teacher instructions multiple times whilst scrolling the page.

Google Forms Assessment/ Feedback:

Using Mote to design assessments or exit tickets in Google Forms allows for questions to be recorded by teachers and listened to by your students. In self grading Google Forms, teachers can also record a Mote to provide students with instant personalized feedback. 

Collaborative Brainstorming:

Collaborative discussions are a great way for students to learn about new topics in the classroom. But how do we capture and document the ideas shared? Using Mote in Google Slides, students can record their thoughts and ideas for others to hear. On the Mote Learning Hub, there are a range of ready to use templates, visit the ‘Class Discussion with Mote’ more information.

STEM Mode: 

STEM Mode allows you to record yourself saying mathematical equations that are then transcribed in the voice to text box. This allows teachers to efficiently provide students with both voice and text options to equations. The STEM mode needs to be activated your settings

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