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5 Way to use Mote in the Primary Classroom

Getting to Know You in Slides with Mote

At the beginning of the school year, teachers and students can use Mote to assist in the classroom with getting to know you activities. Using Mote in Google Slides allows both teachers and students the ability to record themselves sharing various information directly onto the slide. In this video you will see a range of templates that can be downloaded from the Mote Learning Hub These templates allow teachers to share the Slides either individually or collaboratively with their class. 

You can set up Digital Books within Google Slides for Foundation/Prep students giving them a space to insert photos and drawing places around the school then recording themselves explaining each of these places within the school. These can then be shared with families to show where they learn and play at school. 

Hypermotes – Primary

Hypermotes are a new feature in Google Docs which allow you to create a clickable Hypermote within your document. 

Some ways you can use this feature in the primary classroom include recording your voice on new words to help students with pronunciation or a definition. This supports all learners in your class by expanding student vocabulary. When learning or revising for spelling tasks, students can record themselves breaking words into syllables or sounds etc. This allows you as the teacher to hear and listen to students’ pronunciation and knowledge of spelling patterns/rules taught in the classroom. 

Maths Assessment in Slides

Designing Maths Assessments in Google Slides with the help of Mote saves time in the classroom, whilst giving students confidence. When assessing students in the junior primary years it is difficult to really grasp an understanding of what they know in Maths due to their limited reading ability. With Mote, teachers can record themselves reading the question aloud allowing students to listen to the instructions and questions and then record their answers back for the teachers to hear. This saves time in the classroom and allows students to become independent learners. 

Assessment & Exit Tickets with Google Forms

Using Mote to design assessments or exit tickets in Google Forms allows for questions to be recorded by teachers and listened to by your students. In self grading Google Forms, teachers can also record a Mote to provide students with instant personalized feedback. 

Sticky Mote

Sticky motes allows teachers to leave voice instructions on any website. This is an amazing tool to use to introduce tasks for both in the classroom and home learning. While exploring the chosen website, students can listen to the embed teacher instructions multiple times whilst scrolling the page.

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