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Like many reading this, I’m a proud teacher and know how hard it can be to make resources as accessible as possible for all students.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could improve access for all by inserting audio into the body of Google Docs? Until now, that’s been impossible…

Introducing Hypermotes 👋 With Mote installed, all users are able to record and embed their voice into the body of a Google Doc – instantly making all of your docs more accessible, engaging and exciting!


To get going with Hypermotes (per video above):

  • Update to latest version of extension
  • Highlight text/image
  • Tap Mote button
  • Click to start/stop
  • Insert audio
  • Enjoy!


We’d love to hear about what you and your students do with Hypermotes.

From essays to lab reports and vocab tests to interactive newsletters, we’re hearing some great things on social media – join the conversation!

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