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Mote for Google Forms 2.0

We’re announcing a major update to our Google Forms integration, and I’m super excited to be sharing the details with you all.

First, a bit of history. We started to receive requests to integrate Mote with Google Forms all the way back in May 2020, but due to competing priorities it wasn’t until April of this year that we completed our phase of integration.

Based on the requests received from our users, we decided to start by supporting two ways to incorporate Mote within Google Forms:

  1. Audio descriptions: e.g. for educators to add voice as an accommodation or as part of a language learning assessment
  2. Audio answers: e.g. for students to create voice responses in language assessments.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to “Mote for Google Forms v2.0”, with three great new features available with Mote extension version

  1. Multiple choice answer options
  2. Quiz mode: immediate feedback
  3. Quiz Mode: individual feedback  

Read on to learn more about each of these new integrations!

Multiple choice answer options 

You can now include a Mote voice note, alongside a text label, within Google Forms multiple choice questions:

Record audio with the ‘motepad’ and add to your multiple-choice options

To record these options, just use the ‘Motepad’ recorder within the Mote browser extension, and then paste your mote links into the multiple-choice options. Students with the Mote extension installed will see both the text label and the Mote audio player.

Students will see both the mote audio and the text description

Quiz mode: immediate feedback 

You can now leave ‘immediate’ voice feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. Start by ensuring that you have checked ‘Immediately’ in the Settings Tab.

Then, within your Form’s question ‘Answer Key’, just add voice feedback (alongside optional text) to either/both the Correct and Incorrect answers.

Students with the Mote extension installed will see both the text label and a playable mote card.

Quiz Mode: individual feedback

To leave individual voice feedback for each student, first select the option to release marks after manual review.

Then, when you receive your student’s response, you can record your mote from the ‘Add feedback’ dialog box:

You can add both typed and voice feedback – students will be able to see both. 

We really look forward to seeing how you use these Google Forms integrations, and to hearing more ideas for voice-powered teaching. Keep on moting!

By Will Jackson

CEO and Co-founder at Mote

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