5 Back to School Student Projects with Mote

Mote is a powerful feedback tool for educators that allows students to receive in depth, personal, and contextual feedback from the instructor on their work. Mote is also a powerful creation tool, that when in the hands of students, it can be used to create powerful demonstrations of learning through the medium of audio. As school is heading back into session for many educators and students, the Mote education team wanted to share 5 creative back to school projects that can be used across any grade level and content area. From micr0-podcasting, to non-linear storytelling, there is are multiple outlets and pathways for student creativity below!

Project 1: Micro-Podcasts

Project 2: Narrated Stop-Motion Animation

Project 3: Virtual Audio Tours

Project 4: Audio Timelines

Project 5: Non-Linear Storytelling

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