5 More Back to School Skills with Mote!

After our first back to school skills with Mote post, we realized that another 5 back to school skills were in order as the potential for using Mote for the coming school simply can’t be confined to only 5 approaches! Whether it is increasing efficiency by reusing audio comments with the Motebook, or increasing accessibility to Google Forms with audio, this second round of back to school skills only expands the classroom potential for Mote!


The Motebook allows educators to record and reuse audio again and again! If there are feedback ideas, suggestions, or instructional comments that you find yourself typing often, simply record them with the Mote Chrome extension in the Motepad and reuse them across student assignments with the Motebook feature.

Mote in Google Forms

Google Forms is a classroom staple for formative assessment, exit tickets and quick check-ins.  With the Mote, educators can now increase accessibility for their students by including audio with Mote in Google Forms.  The audio will appear as an embedded audio card if students have Mote installed in their browser.  Additionally, students can reply to a question in Google Forms with audio if they have Mote installed.

Sending Mote in Gmail

Tone and intention can often be lost when sending a message purely through text.  Mote for Gmail allows educators to send audio as an email message.  Whether communicating with colleagues, students or parents / guardians, adding a layer of voice to any email can increase understanding and clarity of the message.

Install the Mote iOS app

Mote on iOS opens up a whole new world of audio feedback potential for educators.  From addings comments on student work in Google Classroom, to adding an audio comment in a Google Document, the Mote iOS app makes audio commenting fast and convenient.  From an iOS device, head to the app store and search for “mote” to begin the process of creating shareable audio links from your mobile device.

Sticky Mote with YouTube

YouTube video content is often provided for students as an introduction to a new concept or as a means to explore an idea in greater depth outside of class.  However, it can be challenging for students to know and understand exactly what they should be looking for while watching.  Sticky Motes allow educators to add a layer of audio on top of any web based content and this works perfectly with YouTube video.  Instead of sharing the YouTube link, share the Sticky Mote link which provides a helpful layer of audio from the teacher that students can listen to before watching the YouTube video.

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