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MoteCon 2022


MoteCon is back! Join the team from Mote and a host of inspirational educators from across the globe as we all share in 2 days of amazing PD.

Happening on August 19th and 20th, sign up here to ensure you don’t miss any information on the mote-excellent virtual conference of 2022!

Check out the short video to 10x the levels of exictemote 🚀

Looking for more? Have a look at some of the amazing sessions we were all blown away by in 2021!

2021 – Recap

Agenda – Friday, August 20th

Agenda – Saturday, August 21st

On Demand (from Friday!)

Session Descriptions

Friday Aug 21
Welcome to MoteCon!
2.00pm ET

Mote’s CEO shares the journey so far and a window into the future….
Will Jackson
CEO & Co-founder | Mote
Add e-Mote-ion to your Digital Story Telling
2.30pm ET

In this session we will learn how to create stop motion animation stories with Google Slides, and how Mote can add voice and emotion to the stories being told.
Mario Eleftheros
Feedback Masterclass
3.00pm ET
More details to come!Greg Kulowiec
Let’s talk communication and collaboration with Mote!
3.30pm ET

This session will focus on using Mote in Google Slides to:
1. collaboratively build presentations;
2. create asynchronous presentations; and
3. provide effective, personalized feedback. With Mote, students and teachers can communicate more effectively and efficiently. Join Stacey as she demo’s sample workflows & assignments and talks about the power of leveraging Edtech to build student confidence, empower student voice, and create pathways of clear communication for student growth.
Stacey Roshan
4.00pm ET
Learn how students play mote bingo to reflect on their learning.Steph Howell
Mote for students? Let’s do it!
4.30pm ET
Give your students alternative ways to express and demonstrate their understanding with voice notes created with Mote!Sue Tranchina
After hours…Nicole Reynolds
Saturday Aug 22
Using Mote with our Littlest Learners
2.00pm ET
Yes, you can and SHOULD use Mote with the youngest learners and I’ll show you how I did. It’s easy and super valuable.Sarah Kiefer
My top 6 wins for learning with Mote
2.30pm ET
Debbie shares how she used Mote during online learning and transitioning back into in person learning.Debbie Charlton
Make it Stick with Sticky Motes
3.00pm ET
How do you make sharing web links more meaningful? Sticky Mote! Join me and discover 10+ ways to leverage the power of Sticky Mote for research, increased engagement and communication.Katie McNamara
Mote and the Music classroom
3.30pm ET
Making sweet music with Mote!Frederick Ballew
Springboard Language Learning with Mote
4.00pm ET
Mote is more than an amazing feedback tool! The extension is also a language teaching tool! Newcomers to English can use Mote to communicate with their core teachers while learning new vocabulary at the same time. Not only that, ALL student language learners can springboard their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with the Chrome extension! Come to this session to learn how students can use Mote for language learning.Jennifer Scott
That’s all Folks!
4:30pm ET
A recap of MoteCon and all that’s coming up to look forward to!Sue Tranchina and Jon Neale

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Good day. I really feel so bad that I wasn’t able to open my email and read about this two days activities of yours. I was too busy in our school enrollment. I hope I can attend another one like this. I really want to learn how to use Mote on my class.

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